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Posted by LylianaDog - April 22nd, 2024


first wild kratts fanficton of mine! It’s about a good ZachBot saving the reader from Zach, hope you like it! :D


Posted by LylianaDog - February 18th, 2024


i typed 3 chapters on this book hope you injoy, I have to take a break now.


Posted by LylianaDog - October 21st, 2023

1 because there is lots of terrible adds with butts and memes in theme.

2 my old fave YouTubers are leaving, including Stampycat.

3 small YouTubers become unnoticeable these days.

4 it changed and upgraded itself a lot, even with the coppa virus going around.

5 teens are now hooked to tiktok and trashy YouTubers who are cringy these days.

6 because YouTube only cares about their cash, not their creaters.

it’s my opinion guys. Please keep it in mind, I will never have my hands on it when I turn 18 or 25 or older.

and I know for a fact that all of social media will be flooded with this stuff.


Posted by LylianaDog - October 13th, 2023

1 no ©orn or s3xual Content.

2 no fake rainbows, i am against the fake rainbows thing because, this is a kid friendly channel.

i can only draw them as friends. But with that, I’m just not interested. (If you like the 🏳️‍🌈 I respect you. I am not a homophobic person I love all my fans, but remember, please respect my opinion.)

3 no bad words

4 no drugs or alcohol

5 do not force me to do rumors or hate art, because on deviantart I saw people and other artists were involved in some rumors against other People.

6 no drama.

my art requests are not only for friends, but there for everybody.

i may not do some, because there are going to be a crowd of messages.

please respect this, thank you.


Posted by LylianaDog - July 11th, 2023

I got 3 stories done on my wattpad and I’m proud of it.

but I have to do all these.

1In a new school checked!

2 saving gecko’s garage

3 rescuing the warden

4 exploring other worlds

5 hard school days

6 fawns alien daddy

7 puppy undertale

8 The soul outsider (contains a movie called soul)

9 rainbow rescue

10 moving out

11 banbans away

12 mission coded

13 superstar rescue

13 mission final

14 grown up (finale)

Posted by LylianaDog - February 28th, 2023

Along time ago.

In the mides of a village called Mine-bay County. There was a boy named Wesley Charleston who thought about his future when he was 8 years of age. He got inspired by many parents who had a happy life with their daughters, and sons.

His parents raised him with all the money they had. Although Wesley and his parents had little money.

when the boy was 16 years of age, he was scared of the other kids at his school. they were older than him, pushed him down, every day of Wesley’s school years he got punched, kicked, got yelled at for doing something dumb, and threw him. Wesley was a very strong boy. He was good at sports, and math. But when he sometimes gets the answer correct, the teachers would always blame him for making answers which were wrong but also right.

when Wesley was a 39 year old man, he became a mining slave. If slaves brought the king only iron, and not any type of gem, they would be punished, or executed.

wesley didn’t want to end up like that. he did the best he could. He mined whatever was shining in the tunnel. Diamonds, emeralds, and even rubies. When suddenly he tripped into a gap full of sparkly, blue, slime called skulk.

wesley tried to get help, but no one came to help him. They laughed at him. “Ohh what a scared man!” “No good grades for you!” “Hey look at this poor strong man living in the stars!”

he tried to get out on his own, by making his own latter of this old wood that was near by.

when he was trying to build the latter, a skulk shard, jammed up his scare he had, when he was 27.

He was in a lot of pain, and fainted.

Other wardens that were nearby smelled his paralyzed body, but they didn’t attack him, because they knew he was going to die. Out of nowear, some skeletons, spiders, and rats ate most of his flesh. The most favorite out of all his parts was his stomach hatch. But they didn’t eat his lungs, heart, nor stomach. He must be lucky!

after the mobs were done eating, Wesley was still in a coma from the skulk shard. It took him 4 minutes for him to wake up. When Wesley woke up, he didn’t feel eny pain, like he did 13 hours later, but the first thing he saw, that shocked him, then his blue skin, was the sight of his own organs. he was very speechless. but the monster, called a Warden waked passed Wesley. Wesley saw that the other wardens, had spirits, in their stomach hatches.

how come he didn’t have any spirits in his stomach wound?

After getting distracted, Wesley saw some souls crying for his help. Wesley really wanted some company, so he tried his atttack, and launched himself. Slaying the warden with his fists intile he died.

shh. Shh.. shhh.. it’s okay children. Your safe in my arms now.

Shhhshhh… now. Why don’t you guys rest inside me and get some rest?

the souls appreciated Wesley’s fatherly mood. They even took a nap using Wesley’s intestines as a blanket.

I love you my children.

The spirits named the man Weary which is another word for tiered. Weary was a very tiered father warden, but he wasn’t like the other wardens, he was now 9 ft tall, and he didn’t want to dig into the ground like the other wardens, instead of digging into the ground, he cuddled his new children, inside his arms, like newborn kittens tucked into their mama’s utter,

and rested on some comfy wool he found on the ground, and snoozed happily.

the next morning in the ancient city, Weary took his new soul children on a trip to a strange forest full of axolotls, and fairies that were blue?

weary wanted to join the friends. So he sat in the underground lake, and bathed for a wile when he saw a pink axolotl swim for his arms.

“Are you okay dear?” Said Weary being so worried.

”my name is Matilda daddy! I’m hurt!” “What happend to your chest?” More words

Posted by LylianaDog - February 9th, 2023

So. I watched happy tree friends sence I was 11 years of age, I had a crush on the mole, because of the ka-pow series mole in the city. His shades looked hot and I liked his purple turtle neck, He reminded me of Jerry’s cousin from Tom and Jerry.

I loved all of the charectors when I was an animal lover, I used to be obsessed with the characters that I’ve always made family friendly stories out of them. (Yes I am still an animal lover.)

but all of this changed when I was 16 now. To me right now, they look more like.. drug dealers in poverty, or old criminals inside of the young animals’ bodies. More thene, cute animals, that look exactly like a kids show.

And to my own eyes the cursed idol, looked like a little girl, who got kidnapped, crying for her mama.

I’ll get to the other charectors in a second.

here is the story. It’s called beyond fake friends.

I was playing chess with talia while sitting on weary’s lap, he was sleeping.

gecko, and tony. We’re reading comic books. I asked all three of my step siblings.“ hey guys, I’m really bored. Mind if we, create a portal to another dimension?”

YES SISTAH! cheared tony, waking weary up from his nap. “Children try not to wake me and my ghost friends while we’re sleeping.” Weary went back to sleep while all of us went to the lab for some ideas. Maybe. I thought he could read me a book about math, or science. I’d love to hear that.

”any ideas?” Said gecko looking confused. “Nature?” Said talia confused, “playing with kids from cartoons?” Said tony.

shure! I cried. Get me some leaves, make some stuffed animals, and get some games and a picnic blanket!

I would say that the project would be awesome! I said to myself. 2 minutes passed.

and I saw my sibling again with the ingredients ready for the portal.

“ahh should be ready in a minute.” Sighed gecko. At that moment, Tony had a paper cut, and a bitty drop of his blood, came dripping from his finger. And right into the portal potion. I had a paper cut once and it hurt like crazy.

when the blood went into the bowl the potion wasn’t a rainbow color anymore. It turned into a phantom rainbow like color with a bloody texture for the red color.

as we were about to go into the portal, I put a note on the floor, and locked the door so nobody would notice us going to another strange world. As we went into the portal, everything still looked normal. Exept for one thing, as we met another charector. They always spoke jibberish like they had no brains or hearts for knowledge and compassion.

so we went to the library, I read a few books, and every word in the book was jibberish. I didn’t understand.

Tony wanted to get hired for animating a movie, but the directors spoke jibberish. Gecko tried to communicate with the vehicles, but they didn’t have faces. Talia tried to Make friends with a pink chipmunk who looked like a stripe. when talgal hugged her, the stripe nut screamed. the way she jumped, made me cringe. As she jumped, her plums bounced, she dropped her smoker, and ran for her boy friend. I noticed she had a lot of boyfriends, how could she date many people who were not her husband? I didn’t know what was going on here. Nether did my step siblings. We were questioning each one another.

none of us had a choice. but to do our own thing, and head somewhere else.

so. We snuck in a boat and made a trip to a temple. Of. The cursed idol? Weird.

as we were on the boat, I saw the sailer. He was hot, sexy, cool. I.. wanted to give him a hug.

when I asked him can I marrie you cotton sweets? I asked. He showed me I picture of his girlfriend, and she looked exactly like the pink chipmunk talia hugged. Wait a min-Oh no. I was shaking did she take all of the boys in this world?

I was ready to leave, (that’s when he shows his true colors. Just like dawn bellwether in zootopia.) he forced my arms on the wall to kiss me. “You think I’m blind? I am the mole.” He showed me his blue eyes, they looked beautiful. But his actions were beyond me and my family. He almost shot me with a gun.

but. Gecko knocked him with a police bat.“He’s down! Fawn? Are you okay?” I was speechless. I learned a lesson to not trust strangers. gecko showed me the front of the ship, to make me feel better. “Listen to my heart beat sister. all better dear?”

I was still shaking after what happend. “Yeah. Can you give me two minutes to get my cool back?” Alright sister we still got you a picnic if you would like to hang out with us. I was still speechless at the moment. So I took a nap hoping to solve the problem. 4 minutes passed, and we were here. I woke up from my nap. And saw the island We were looking for.

we went inside the temple. And saw the gold cult image sitting on it’s thrown. As tony picked the poor IT up, some monkeys rained from the sky. I swiped it from his hand and put it back on it’s thrown.

“don’t you even think about stealing this cult tony!” I mumbled. Tony looked embarrassed as if he got slapped or something.

we were getting ready to leave when the idol said.“Kill them all! They are the ones who make me angry!”

I turned around fast and told my siblings to come back. The idol moved her jaw! It’s a girl!

the idol mermerd again. “They are the true demons who want to hurt me! And I’m telling you to get revenge on all of them! They shoved my skull into a gold shell. And now. They call me curse. Save me now! And help me!”

she gave me and my siblings a paper with the charectors in this world we need to kill. Turns out this world wasn’t that popular. It had only 4 girls and 13 boys. But we were on a mission to set the poor kid free.

The idol had weapons in her closet for us to use, to kill the cute beasts. I only had blazing horns, sharp teath, and bright purple Lazer eyes. I could frame the demons by playing the victim and killing them. We were on with the mission.

tony took the idol with him. Gecko wore the mole’s shades and turtle neck to look cool. Talia had her chainsaw ready for war. All the characters saw the idol in Tony’s arms. There pupils shrunk, there pupils turned bright red, began to scream bloody murder, and made babies with their mates for fighting. (Talk about helicopter parents raising kids for their own wishes.) talia raised her chainsaw as high as she could to kill the mate minieons, tony swiped his sword out to slay, gecko performed the same shooting movements the mole does, and the idol sent terror to her enimies. hoping they’ll get what they deserve. (Evil laugh) The Boss was nearby. he came out with Really sharp teeth, large claws, and the same eyes his minions had.

”hey punks!” Yelled the giant lime bear. Did you know it’s against my rules to kill my happy little friends?

Im flipqy! And I’m the only one who can kill my friends! Not you stupid kids! All the remains around us laughed at us. “So.. not that you four killed all of my jibber loving friends, it’s your turn to die! Salong big babies! My siblings panicked they were afraid that the bear would steal their weapons and use them for himself. The only way to stop him is to make a loud sound, throw water on him, or kill him. Bang Bang Bang! A miracle! Talia cried it was a female deer, another mole, female bunny, female fox, another lamb, another sugar glider and another skunk. What a surprise cried tony. Flipqy got his knife ready for attacking his enimies. The flying sugar glider threw water on Flipqy making him turn normal noticing his friends were dead on the ground. Suddenly he saw me sitting down in a cute way like a homeless puppy crying for help.

flipqy came closs to me petted me and said did you do this? N-no I survived I just want shelter. I promise Flippy.

that’s me! Cried Flippy “I’ll help you in the military some day!” “Oh thank you so much!” Then. I was ready for my last defeat SIKE! I screamed. Flippy was terrified. I reminded him of the tiger general because of my evil scream. My sibling didn’t expect that. “everybody to the cave! Hurry!” Cried the skunk.

wile Flipqy and I were still fighting eachother I bit him, hit him, threw him, I did everything to protect my siblings and the other survivors.

they were chatting in the cave.

gecko: well. He there uhh gals. What are your names?

Monika the skunk: my name is monika. I’m the leader of my group.

snuggles the bunny: I’m snuggles

Manisha the mole: I’m manisha

Cassidy the fox: I’m cassidy

Deerie the deer: I’m deerie

Sage the sugar glider: I’m sage, My teammates call me sofia.

Vanilla the lamb: my name is vanilla, my teammates call me Vanessa, because it rimes.

tony: ooh that’s good news!

talia: we got new helpers!

gecko: so what do we say we all help fawn defeat our enimie mr Flipqy?

the new helpers said positive things, they all spoke a language, knew how to love one another, and solve problems.

finally time for one last battle I was still angry, trying my best to defeat Flipqy he was so strong, that the creators loved him so much. Cassidy threw me a sheild, to protect myself flipqy’s powerful knifes, deerie distracted Flipqy and set down bear traps, snuggles framed Flipqy by acting like a homeless dog on the streets and threw ninja stars at him, monika was a professional fighter. She threw knifes and ninja stars at Flipqy, Manisha dug a tunnel under the ground, and put a bomb on the place were Flippy was landing. And finally after flipqy,s death, to finish him off sage put water all over the evil green bear’s body, vanilla put one of her feet on flipqy’s remains for the true happy friends victory. “Now this is happy true friends” I gasped out laughing. “Turned out this was the best battle of my life.”

“enyways that was funny because, thouse jibberish critters, we’re very evil demons inside sheeps clothing!” Said monika.

“one thing for you fawn, don’t waste your time, and don’t trust strangers” said gecko

what about me? Cried the idol.

me: O-oh dear! I forget! your turn tal!

talia: well-well-well TIME TO GO! Old Golden Throne of Evil!

when the idol was cut in half, a spirit resembling a little girl came out of the statue. Crying tears of joy.

imelia: you guys! You did it! (Hugs fawn) Thank you.

Fawn: no problem. When a stranger come up to you, tell you mother. And Remember, always stay safe

imelia: this is great, I’m flying to heaven! I’m Going HOME!

“well! What do say all seven of y’all can join our team, you can be our new helpers!” I screamed out loud

”ahh finally I can go to a safer place and leave this nightmare all behind!” Cried sage

“brilliant!” Cheared monika

when everybody returned home, to stampy’s lovely world, the new mane seven felt pleased of their new place,

“wait a minute?” I was very confused about some red in the bowl. “Alright yall I’m sorry to break this with y’all, but why is the bowl red?” Tony was embarrassed “oh no. That red stuff cam from my paper cut by accident”

”Let’s try using gloves next time, we go to another dimension okay tony, now we half to start the trip all over again.” “you don’t half to start over fawn. You saved us from thouse evil demons” said snuggles “oh right.”

everybody laughed as they got out of the room, put the bad potion in the lava room, and went back to the living room.

Mr weary! I cried. “I missed you! Me and my siblings, got new friends!”

“oh dear how am I gonna read to you with all the noise, fawn?” Said weary confused. “Don’t worry mr warden we will keep are silence wile you read to your best friend!” Said monika

so I sat back into weary’s lap tired from all the fighting, and went fast to sleep in his arms, wile he was reading to me.

weary: sweet dreams my little one.

htf is owned my mondomedia


Posted by LylianaDog - July 1st, 2022

Becoming really angry by your lack of joy.

just take a peaceful nap and dump it out.

did you get eny bad rumors?

”yes I know” you had a bad past but now you got to let go “let go 3x”

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me!

trying to achieve your dreams? “Yep.”

does school get in your way “yep”

I do believe you! I had the same life to!

But it was diffrent, I had no school.

so that’s why a had trouble thinking. “Thinking 2x”

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me. “Stops me. 3x”

memorys that are bad, can repeat itself in your brain.

but you’ll need to practice. How to get it out “out 5x”

you need to think of good things, that keep your mind healthy.

remember you are awesome, and I’ll always support you! “You 3x”

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me.

Nothin stops me now, nothin stops me

Nothin stops you now, nothin stops you.

Nothin stops you now, nothin stops you.

Nothin stops you now, nothin stops you.

Nothin stops you now, nothin stops you. “You x5”

song by fawn Isabella


Posted by LylianaDog - January 16th, 2022

I feel.. that I have the mind I feel.. that I have the heart I feel.. that I past my test I Feel… that I am myself!

I will not change enymore! I have a better life I will. not hurt myself I.. have the willing to servive.

I will not break that heart I will not face the easy tasks.

(Hey. I know it’s hard but you need to do it right)

I am thankful I am smart I am clever I am strong I am who I am ment to be..

I have self control I have the faith I can do it and that is right I am who I am ment to be..

sometimes somethings are easy sometimes somethings are hard and sometimes you need work it out..

but you know your beautiful you have the heart I know it’s hard but you can do it… (I believing you)

but I read the Bible. and I got my respects. and I had my spirit hooked to my heart..

I feel. That I have success. I feel. that I have my heart. I feel. that I have good life I feel. that I live the right place.

I feel. that I’m a helper.. I feel. that I’m a winner I feel. that I have nice friends I feel. that I have no bad side.

and The last thing is.. I forgive you.

I am kind I am So good I am peaceful and I am patient I am respectful I am self control

I’m happy I’m a girl. I live a happy life and I love my life..

(and that’s everything.)

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can get there.

And I did it

(uhh hey your haters are here what are you going to do?)

Be My Guuuuueeeeest.

(i love you all)



Posted by LylianaDog - November 17th, 2021

From all fandoms such as five nights at Freddy’s and Henry stickmin and more fandoms have ©orn and more horrifying memes,

here are some rules before making fanart of my charector lia (me) from HSC fawn (me) from GG fawn (me) from fnafTC

but some in my art gallery are some charectors and video game charectors that I don’t even own because there copyrighted and if you steal a copyright charector you’ll be broke trust me!

here’s my rules

1 do not post ©orn out of me or my original charectors this adult anime themed stuff is worth all of MY NIGHTMARES!!! did you know (me) fawn lia or glam Stellahas been cured with a poisones pill for private body parts which means if you touch theme it ixcludes rapid electricity on the victims fingers which means the perverted victim will die in a very shocking way.

2 do not ship (me) lia with someone else sorry mates.

3 do not traise or steal my artwork to make it your own

4 do not do eny rule34 out of (me) lia it’s called OC nappin!

5 do not traise my art and turn it into a base on deviantart

6 do not make adoptables out of (me) lia and her 3 boyfriends and sell theme to make money. That’s called kid nappin I mean selling an adoptable to a perverted man that’s just weird

7 do not make eny satanic art out of (me)lia or her being a criminal

8 do not draw me saying a curse word because I am a family friendly place guest

9 no matter what you do. Do not use my charectors as your profile pic I saw people making other peoples charectors as there profile pic and it’s scary so try to stay away from theme.

10 no matter what you do.

do not make a VS video about (me) lia and fawn dying by a rapid monster she got trained how to be powerful and they are both more difficult to defeat.

Thank You for listening.