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Im a well talented girl with so many things!
I have 2 pugs 3 cats and 5 goats
Food: sushi
candy: cotton candy
Game: Henry stickmin
Drink: lemonade
Color: red purple
Tallents: art cooking enything
Zodiac: scorpio♏️
Real name: Fawn Issabella



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I feel.. that I have the mind I feel.. that I have the heart I feel.. that I past my test I Feel… that I am myself!

I will not change enymore! I have a better life I will. not hurt myself I.. have the willing to servive.

I will not break that heart I will not face the easy tasks.

(Hey. I know it’s hard but you need to do it right)

I am thankful I am smart I am clever I am strong I am who I am ment to be..

I have self control I have the faith I can do it and that is right I am who I am ment to be..

sometimes somethings are easy sometimes somethings are hard and sometimes you need work it out..

but you know your beautiful you have the heart I know it’s hard but you can do it… (I believing you)

but I read the Bible. and I got my respects. and I had my spirit hooked to my heart..

I feel. That I have success. I feel. that I have my heart. I feel. that I have good life I feel. that I live the right place.

I feel. that I’m a helper.. I feel. that I’m a winner I feel. that I have nice friends I feel. that I have no bad side.

and The last thing is.. I forgive you.

I am kind I am So good I am peaceful and I am patient I am respectful I am self control

I’m happy I’m a girl. I live a happy life and I love my life..

(and that’s everything.)

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can get there.

And I did it

(uhh hey your haters are here what are you going to do?)

Be My Guuuuueeeeest.

(i love you all)


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I’m planning on making art and animations

Hello yall I’m just a beginner here trying to practice voice acting and getting finishing my Henry stickmin fanfic gift for puffballs and I’m trying to practice making games because all I have is a laptop and a iPad and I’m practicing animating so don’t ask me if I’m not doing enything I’m just busy trying to get my comic done but sometimes I make a bunch of art of my favorite characters and crushes like this one the art style was owned by @amandicca just to let you know and I like how it turned out also.

iu_511479_8891972.png enyways Happy New YEAR!

ilove yall god made you just the way you are!